Where it is: Maps of Thailand and Aonang area

the garden is located halfway Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur
Ao Nang on Google Earth image date 03-03-2007
layout of the main roads in the Ao Nang area
on Google Earth walk ways under construction
Where on the world Ao Nang Main roads Spicy garden

The garden is located at 8°3' 54'' N and 98°48' 32'' E.

On the Google Earth map of Thailand you can see that Ao Nang is about half way Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.
Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samu, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore offer flights to Krabi airport. Since a short time there are more international flights to Krabi as from India and China.
Scandinavia has sharter flights to Krabi since a long time.

Ao Nang can be reached from:

Accommodation can be found at
Krabi hotel guide

On the Ao Nang area map you see a mark at the location for the Ao Nang spicy garden and also a mark Ao Nang weather station and a mark River residence.

  1. Ao Nang weather station is the location of a weather station.
    If you are interested in the actual local weather and weather forecast for Ao Nang then you see it here:
    Actual weather in Ao Nang. You can find here maps for bicycle tours around Ao Nang also.
  2. Perhaps you are also interested in real estate on a nice location. In that case take a look at the website:
    Nong Thale River Residence
Google Earth updated and refined this part of the world just when we were constructing the paths. Part of the paths is in the shade of trees.
This was the situation at 3-3-2007.